Northern Lights Collection
The 2 Bandits
photography by Jason Lee Parry
model Chloe Norgaard

                                                               The Northern Lights
                                                                                           1.   a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of 
                                                                                        streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky usually near northern 
                                                                                        magnetic pole.
                                                                                   2.   many cultures believe that the Northern Lights are the appearance of 
                                                                                        “Dancing Souls” ancestors and animals of “the land of the Northern
                                                                                   3.   Mother nature at its raddest.
I think I never blogged something so quick after the release, but
 oh I have been excited for this lookbook ever since the first sneak 
peek on instagram weeks ago…..
And yes, wow, the 2 Bandits and Jason simply done it again.
 Always love Tamar Widers collections and the lookbooks but I
 must say this one is my favourite one yet and not just because of
 wild child Chloe.

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