model Jessica Buchanan for “Under African Skies” lookbookphotographer Lyall Coburn and model Jessica BuchananThe 2 Bandits - “Under African Skies” lookbookJessica Buchanan shot by Lyall Coburnmodel Jessica Buchanan with a perfect body model Jessica Buchanan for "The 2 Bandits"photography by Lyall Coburn Jessica Buchanan is a professional modelphotographer Lyall Coburn shot the amazing model Jessica BuchananJessica Buchanan on a creative location to shootUnder African Skies with photographer Lyall Coburnmodel Jessica Buchanan for the lookbook called “Under African Skies”nice necklace worn by model Jessica Buchananphotography by Lyall Coburn is a real artworkamazing jewelry - styling Ane Strydomphotographer Lyall Coburn did a great jobJessica Buchanan in collaboration with Lyall Coburnback to the roots - model Jessica Buchanan"The 2 Bandits" jewelry collectionmodel Jessica Buchanan for a creative shootblue eyed beauty Jessica Buchananmodel Jessica Buchanan did a shoot in South Africashooting on a dreamlike beach“Under African Skies” lookbookmodel Jessica Buchanan relaxing in the sunphotographer Lyall Coburn - model Jessica Buchanan - styling Ane StrydomThe 2 Bandits presents “Under African Skies”photographer Lyall Coburn presents model Jessica Buchanan

The 2 Bandits
“Under African Skies” lookbook
photographer Lyall Coburn
model Jessica Buchanan
styling Ane Strydom

There it is, The 2 Bandits amazing latest collection “Under African Skies”.  Totally in love with this lookbook and Tamar Wider new designs.

 “My husband comes from a family of South Africans and I was inspired by his grandfather’s house in South Africa, which is a vintage wonderland filled with memories. One of my favorite photographers, Lyall Coburn lives there so it was so perfect. We titled it Under African Skies, inspired by the Paul Simon song.” – Tamar Wider

Check out the full “Under African Skies” lookbook and shop the new T2B jewelry here!

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