Mara HoffmanMara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" Mara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" Resort SwimMara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" Resort Swim 2016Mara Hoffman - Resort Swim 2016 Mara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" by Olivia MaloneMara Hoffman - photography Olivia Malone Mara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" - photography Olivia Malone Mara Hoffman - Melodie Vaxelaire Mara Hoffman - model Melodie VaxelaireMara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" with model Melodie VaxelaireMara Hoffman - styling by Richard RuizA Moroccan Dream Mara Hoffman swimMara Hoffman lookbookMara Hoffman - hair by Cecilia RomeroMara Hoffman collectionMara Hoffman "A Moroccan Dream" - jewelry Cave Collection Mara Hoffman swim collection
Mara Hoffman
“A Moroccan Dream” Resort Swim 2016
photography Olivia Malone
model Melodie Vaxelaire
creative directing/styling Richard Ruiz
make up Vincent Oquendo
hair Cecilia Romero
jewelry Erin Considin + Aesa + Cave Collection




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    • Bohemian says:

      Oh I need that one as well! So perfect!
      But not all pieces from this collection are online yet, guess it’s coming within the next weeks! xx


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