“Anaces” SS’18 collection
Photography |Champagne Victoria
Muse | Hanna Montazami

Really excited to share this breathtaking shoot with you today!
Absolutely in love with what mega babe Hanna Montazami and the amazingly talented Champagne Victoria created here! Hanna is wearing the stunning pieces of  Nidodileda’s newest ‘Anaces’ collection, which are all available online now, yay! {Shop Here}

 “Nidodileda’s SS 18’ Collection derives inspiration from the constellation of Dioscuri, as a nod to the twins of Leda, and the brands namesake. The Dioscuri were given the regal epithet ‘Anaces’ on account of their guarding and caring attributes and the appearance of their twin stars in the heavens. They can be identified as beardless youths, usually naked, with bodies of perfect and athletic proportions! Inspired by all these attributes combined with our praise to the female form we have created a summer collection dedicated to free-spirited youthfulness, royalty, and of course, femininity.

Lux-lace and sequined maxi dresses embody brilliance; satin and linen tops uplift femininity; and unique embroidered bottoms with slits in extraordinary materials reveal an aristocratic essence!

Absolutely divine silk fabrics adorned with mousseline prints, sheer, satin fabricswith dazzling embroidered lace. Sequin, fringe and royal colour palettes, consisting of inspiring silver-gold blends and the sky’s powder blue. All of these result in ultra-elegant, ethereal clothing pieces that elevate every woman’s femininity and epitomize her glow and opulent silhouette!

Signature clothing pieces proved to be wardrobe treasures, are complemented with avant-garde embellished accessories and handmade leather and suede belts – the additional aristocracic touch for an absolutely impressive style, fit for royalty!”

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