Oh yes! I was waiting for that lookbook and Backbite´s website for quite a while now! And finally, it´s here!
Stumbled upon them on Instagram! And immediately fell in love with these 5 gorgeous woman and their idea! 
They are:
 Brit: Lizard Queen. Cat Magician. Filthy Vintage T-Shirt Collector. Ocean Daydreamer. Motorcycle Monarch.   @britdisarming
Rachel: Crystal Collector. Mountain Hiker. Psychedelic Artist. Stick N Poke Tattooer with the Dirtiest Hair at the Metal Show. @arcadey
Selena: Beach Rat. Antique Hunter. Incense Burner. Good Cook. Psychedelic Adventurer. Sci-Fi Nerd. Yodeler. @thesiren
Casey: Desert Goddess. Spelunker. Cactus Collector. Mother of Dogs. Gemstone Gatherer. Hoarder Extraordinaire.  @caseystrawberry
Taylor: Foul-Mouthed Former High-School Cheerleader. Leather Lover, Suede Hater. Inter-Species Breeder. @taylorconzelman
So I have to do some shopping now! 😉
 They have aaaaawesome stuff on their website! Check it out!
“Backbite is the result of a collaboration between five women whose collective visions 
created something greater than anything we have done as individuals.”

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