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“El Sol”
photography Gryst Photo
model Nicola Cross
mu Millie Herd
styling Danielle Symes
photo assistent Alex Pratt

“SABAII was born out of Laura Taraniuk’s passion for fusing the highs and lows of a luxury lifestyle together with the simple things in life. A journey of global wanderlust, vintage leather bags, luxury fabrics and the bohemian lifestyle that SABAII embodies. ‘Everything is all good, It’s all chilled’ is the ethos and essence behind the brand. The name stemming from the first adventures in Thailand in 2012 and the learning curves that started the label. This culture is reflected in everything we do. Inspiring our designs and our vision. Our bags are the perfect mix of luxurious, laid back and elegant sophistication. With each design being entirely handcrafted and individually emsembled by talented artisans, with quality attention to detail. We spend months sourcing not only the highest quality leathers, but continuoulsy work hard to ensure ethical production on all levels of our business and those we choose to partner with. We produce on a small scale, regardless of sell outs and demand for product because we stand highly against fast fashion and are taking a step towards sustainable choices. What does this mean for you? One off, limited designs that have been individually crafted just for you to love and cherish. SABAII is more than just a bag, its a statement piece and the start of a life long journey. We design with longevity in mind, surpassing trends and creating lasting and unique style’s to be collected, cherished and passed down. We believe in the inner gypsy of all women, so we choose to ship worldwide, for us wanderlust has no boundaries. We are also currently building a partnership with one very special non for profit organisation, because not all of us are able to afford such luxuries. We are working on a way to give back, and so can you!”

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aaaand I’m so excited to tell you that the amazing designs of SABAII will be also available at BOHEMIAN DIESEL MARKETPLACE, which will go life this week!! stay tuned wild ones…..!