bildschirmfoto-2016-11-14-um-15-26-32 01_blue_crush_0173 02_blue_crush_0179 03_blue_crush_0148 04_blue_crush_0155 05_blue_crush_0208 06_blue_crush_0176 07_blue_crush_0316 08_blue_crush_0352 09_blue_crush_0296 12_blue_crush_0379 13_blue_crush_0408 14_blue_crush_0492 15_blue_crush_0508 16_blue_crush_0452 17_blue_crush_0570 18_blue_crush_0598 19_blue_crush_0633 20_blue_crush_0856 21_blue_crush_0885 23_blue_crush_1043 24_blue_crush_1132 25_blue_crush_1101 26_blue_crush_1547 27_blue_crush_1579 28_blue_crush_1590

James Michelle Jewelry
“Blue Crush” lookbook
photography Derren Versoza
model Jessica Morrow
beauty Suzie Kim
styling Jamie Israel





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