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Amuse Society
“L’ESCAPADE” fall 16 campaign
photography Brydie Mack
model Veneda Bundy
h&mu Stacey Tan
video Ali Mitton

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“Bathed in light and quiet solace, discovering this private hideaway is beyond imagination. As you drift in the reflection of the pool’s glassy stillness, your amazing wonder for these exotic faraway lands — the terracotta hues, artisanal embroidery, fading natural dye colors, flowers thriving in a barren desert — deepens further and further. You’re meant to be here right now.

Expand your horizons to the Moroccan desert for Fall 2016, where our runaway muse feels inspired by the sights and sounds of clean empty spaces. The cooler seasons can’t tame your sensual nature as plunging back dresses and high-cut rompers let the sunshine kiss your back, shoulders and cheeks. Finely detailed batik and tile prints, Turkish stripes, and woven rug patterns found in open air bazaars — these gypset treasures forever hold memories of your special secret getaway where you could truly be yourself. A dream you never want to awake from.”