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artisanal ’16 collection
muse Jira Seow
additional clothing by All That Remains and She Made Me.

their story:

nagnAta is a yoga lifestyle | artisanal fashion brand founded on ethically minded entrepreneurialism; a premium brand that encourages a culture of conscious creation balanced with conscious consumerism. nagnAta was founded in 2014 by Laura May, an Australian fashion designer and stylist and later joined by younger sister Hannah, a textile designer, screen printer and photographer.

Together the artistic sisters bridge the gap between unique, aspirational design and sustainable development. Travelling the world to source textiles and establish projects with artisans and fair trade initiatives, alongside a contemporary yoga wear range launching in 2016.

The nagnAta vision is to create a global platform that can cultivate positive change in the world. To work with communities around the world towards women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation and ecological sustainability, while spreading cultural awareness and celebrating authentic creative expression. The nagnAta mandala logo was designed as a visual embodiment of these intentions.

The word nagnAta in Sanskrit translates to ‘nakedness’, alluding to raw, exposed and in ones natural state. The name nagnAta draws upon the foundations of tantric spirituality. The word ‘tantra’ translates to ‘loom’, ‘fibre’, ‘textile’, ‘warp’, ‘technique’ and ‘teachings’, all words associated with the traditional practice of weaving. From a spiritual perspective, it expresses the weaving together of all threads of our being into one harmonious whole.

The nagnAta aesthetic reflects these ideals, weaving together worlds of tradition and innovation, mindfully integrating practices both new world and old to create a unique style offering for the modern woman. nagnAta supports the slow fashion movement and is created for those who appreciate quality and seek product with soul.

check out and shop nagnAta here and follow on facebook and instagram!



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