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“Fleur De Love” summer 2016 collection

Absolutely in love with the designs of Californian label RahiCali which I discovered on Instagram today! And oh, what a beautiful latest lookbook!!! Just had to share this with you! 🙂

“RahiCali is a destination for dreamers, adventurers, and lovers everywhere. “Rahi,” which means “Traveller” in Sanskrit, embodies the wandering spirit of the RahiCali girl. She is young and curious and always marvelled by exotic locations and unparalleled landscapes. Her whimshical soul keeps her fun, daring and feeling limitless.

Born in the colorful and relaxed backdrops of Southern California, the RahiCali collection is effortless, feminine and free-spirited. It epitomizes the eternal So-Cal boho culture with its flirty silhouettes, vibrant hues and delicate details. Each collection encapsulates rich embroideries styled romantically over easy and airy fabrics. Each season celebrates a movement of pure romance and wanderlust, the perfect setting for a modern bohéme paradise.”

Shop RahiCali here or follow on facebook and instagram!


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