“Naked Wanderer” Campaign
photography Ana Rita Sousa
model Kellie Bird
Found these amazing embroidered and embellished Yoga Mat Bags
from nagnAta, by following gorgeous Nat Kelley on her Instagam, 
and I totally fell in love with them.
their story:
nagnAta is a luxury yoga lifestyle brand co-created by Holly Dixon & Laura May Gibbs.
 Directional design with earthly ethical roots is the all-encompassing ethos of the brand.
Holly and Laura May endeavor to create a company founded on yogic principles and 
sustainable business practices, encouraging a culture of conscious creation and conscious
 consumerism. Fervent travellers and yoginis the designer duo roam the world drawing an
 abundance of influence from indigenous cultures and their traditions, sourcing textiles
 and artistic inspirations to translate into innovative contemporary designs. nagnAta is 
created for those who appreciate quality and seek product with soul.

their name:

The name nagnAta translates to ‘naked wanderer’ in Sanskrit. nagnAta alludes to the
 nomadic lifestyle embraced by Holly and Laura May whilst weaving in ideals of 
tantric spirituality. The word ‘tantra’ translates to ‘loom’, ‘fibre’, ‘textile’, warp’, ‘technique’
 and ‘teachings’, all words associated with the traditional practice of weaving, and from a
 spiritual perspective the weaving together all threads of our being into one harmonious
 whole. The nagnAta aesthetic reflects these ideals, weaving together worlds of creativity
 and spirituality, tradition and innovation, mindfully integrating practices both new world
 and old to create a unique style offering for the modern day yogini.
check out nagnAta here!