I always saw these terrific pictures, and never knew that they are all from the same phtographer.
Till I found out a while ago the photographer is Neil Krug an in 1983 born and based 
in Los Angeles artist.Krug has photographed and art directed campaigns for such bands as

My Chemical Romance,

Justice, Ladytron, The Horrors, Scissor Sisters, Canyons, Sea Wolf, White Flight and many more. 
I´m so in love with this seventies inspired photography, It really reminds of spaghetti westerns or  
Quentin Tarantino´s Grindhouse movies and the 70s LP covers and film posters, all the hazy colors 
and seductive boho women, just amazing.

Krug has exhibited work in Germany, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The one in Germany it quite a 
bit away from home but I will defenitly try to pay it a visit cause I´m really mesmerised. 
So I´m sure there is more to come about Neil Krug but meanwhile check out his website.