I stumbled over this beautiful jewelry a while ago and was totally blown away. Today I saw one image on tumblr again and thought I have to show you the whole amazing collection!!!Jewellery designer Alushia-Sanchia has the spirit of a wandering artisan running through her veins. Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, her parents […]


  I am a free spirit… either admire me from the ground or fly with me… but don´t ever try to cage me. I´m on a little trip through Italy for a few days now, without any mobile or laptop ☺ So keep your head up and see you next week! xx Sabrina     […]


Amazing work from photographer Derek Wood.         via derekwoodphotography / pinterest


Spell Designs “Wild Heart” lookbook photographer Zoey Grossman model Bambi stylist Ashley Glorioso hair & makeup Ashlee Rose concept Lizzy & Spell of Spell WOW look at that! Just found a sneak peek at Spell & the Gypsy Collectives August lookbook on the amazing Oracle Fox blog! Our darling Bambi Northwood Blyth in Spells beautiful […]


I discovered Bliss Katherine Braoudakis the last week, she did that amazing shoot/modelling for Sugarhigh & Lovestoned. Already knew a few of her pics before from pinterest and tumblr, but never really knew who they shot.Bliss Katherine is a 22 year old, self-taught photographer with a soul of wanderlust & a heart for capturing the […]


I have no idea why this is the 3rd desert post this week, maybe because it´s really hot the last days? Or maybe I´m just catched by the beauty of the wasteland? However, I picked a few of these amazing pics already for my inspiration posts but now I wanted to show you the whole […]


wardrobe Fauxtale styling Chloe Lovestoner  hair Genessa Lynn photography Ryan Olde models Genessa Lynn & Amber Saylor Here are some news from my creative couple crush She & Mr. Dean. This is sure one of the most amazing photoshoots I have ever seen. Thank you Genessa and Ryan for this eye candy! So beautiful! Check out their website!     […]


     Oh how I love these photshoot from photographer Gemma Booth for Foam Magazine! I know it´s not the latest but still one of the most beautiful and dreamiest pics I have ever seen!         via oraclefox


Brigitte Buckholtz shoot by texan photographer Chris Phelps. Found this on tumblr, and thought I have to share it with you. The machting shooting for the fringe jacket issue, haha. 😉         via chrisphelps


  I must confess that I know Pamela not from her beautiful jewlery but rather from her tattoos she got and from her good friend and tattoo artist Minka Sicklinger. She organized a pop up tattoo parlor togehter during her Made Fashion Week presentation. She and her illustrator husband created a design menu based on […]