photography by Amanda Leigh Smith shooting with Kelsey McNiece Amanda Leigh Smith shot for Cobra Cult        Cobra Cult - “Summer, Don’t Go!”Amanda Leigh Smith shot Skye Sengelmann and Kelsey McNiecephotographer Amanda Leigh Smith for Cobra Cultphotography Amanda Leigh SmithAmanda Leigh Smith - shooting for Cobra Cultphotographer Amanda Leigh Smith shot two models in a hammockmodel Kelsey McNiece shot by Amanda Leigh Smith photos by Amanda Leigh Smith models Skye Sengelmann and Kelsey McNiece - shot by Amanda Leigh SmithCobra Cult - photography Amanda Leigh Smith Kelsey McNiece presents jewelry from Cobra Cult“Summer, Don’t Go!” - produced by Jessica Ilalaole photography Amanda Leigh Smith - produced by Jessica Ilalaole Kelsey McNiece for Cobra Cult model Kelsey McNiece shot by photographer Amanda Leigh Smith photography from Amanda Leigh Smith photographer Amanda Leigh Smith together with Jessica Ilalaole Skye Sengelmann and Kelsey McNiece working with Amanda Leigh Smith born for photography - model Skye Sengelmann Amanda Leigh Smith presents model Skye SengelmannCobra Cult jewelry worn by Kelsey McNieceperfect styling by Tashina Hill - Cobra Cultstylist Tashina Hill in collaboration with photographer Amanda Leigh SmithCobra Cult and the “Summer, Don’t Go!” lookbookphotographer Amanda Leigh Smith - “Summer, Don’t Go!” lookbookCobra Cult
“Summer, Don’t Go!” lookbook
photography Amanda Leigh Smith
models Skye Sengelmann & Kelsey McNiece
styling Tashina Hill
creative assistant Claire Everson
produced by Jessica Ilalaole

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