Amanda Leigh Smith 43440001photography Amanda Leigh Smith photographer Amanda Leigh Smithphotography by Amanda Leigh Smith shot by Amanda Leigh SmithCobraCult - Amanda Leigh SmithCobraCult “Daisy Truckin” - Amanda Leigh SmithDaisy Truckin - Amanda Leigh SmithCobraCult “Daisy Truckin” summer - Amanda Leigh SmithCobraCult summer 2015 lookbook -Amanda Leigh SmithCobraCult “Daisy Truckin” summer 2015 lookbook summer 2015 lookbook - photography Amanda Leigh Smith styling Tashina Hill Cobra Cult jewelry CobraCult summer 2015 - Amanda Leigh Smith Cobra CultCobraCult “Daisy Truckin” summer 2015 lookbookAmanda Leigh Smith - photography

“Daisy Truckin” summer 2015 lookbook
photography Amanda Leigh Smith
models Skye Sengelmann, Heidi Lieberman,
Shantelle Davidson & Tashina Hill
styling Tashina Hill
production Jessica Ilalaole
video by Claire Everson, check it out here


This summer CobraCult heads out to Eagle Creek, Oregon with their 1965 Chevy pick-up for “Daisy Truckin”. Four best friends adorned in their favorite CobraCult necklaces and rings handmade in Portland, Oregon from vintage inspired sterling casts and one-of-a-kinds with real turquoise, coral and onyx, tough enough to handle all their shenanigans running around the river and trees.


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