I discovered Bliss Katherine Braoudakis the last week, she did that amazing shoot/modelling for Sugarhigh & Lovestoned. Already knew a few of her pics before from pinterest and tumblr, but never really knew who they shot.Bliss Katherine is a 22 year old, self-taught photographer with a soul of wanderlust & a heart for capturing the natural beauty of this world.

“At fourteen my passion for documenting our world began. It started with catching 35mm film stills as the sun set over greenery and the sea. then by photographing people I never knew in the streets. Shortly after I was filled with a furious passion like no other. My daily joy became roaming suburban streets with my camera, capturing my friends in candid, unscripted moments. By age 17 my photos were in magazines, on book covers, and online interviews. I realized quickly that my dream of touching others’ lives was coming to frution. I found my constant drive was photographing people. I collected film cameras, saving money so I could afford new ones at local thrift shops. My cameras became part of my purpose. they were inseparable from the other parts of my life. Now at age 22, both film and digital are at my side with use of all natural light, with a drive of blooming youthful freedom.”

Check out her website and blog!