Brandon Harman Brandon Harman photography photography by Brandon Harman Dee Larsen by Brandon HarmanLeore by Brandon Harman Delilahphotography Delilah by Brandon HarmanBrandon Harman - Dee Larsen Brandon Harman - Delilah Brandon Harman - desert sunset Brandon Harman - desert shot Brandon Harman - black and white tumblr_na9ob3U5671qzeyq3o1_1280 shot in Joshua Treemodel Delilah cowgirlshot in Joshua Tree animal photography

 photography by Brandon Harman

“Brandon Harman grew up on an almond farm and cattle ranch in Northern California, with dreams of becoming a musician. After moving to Seattle in the 1990s, immersing himself in the city’s exploding underground music scene, Harman put down the guitar and picked up a camera. Fifteen years of industry experience later, including a decade in New York working in commercial and fashion photography, he has amassed an impressive discography of work, friends, taxidermy, wool blankets and passport stamps. Brandon is a photographer currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. “

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