Stoned Immaculate VintageReturn To Woodstock photographer Bryan Rodner CarrBryan Rodner Carr styling Chloe Chippendale direction Chloe Chippendale Chloe Chippendale model Joanna HalpinJoanna Halpin muse Joanna Halpinbeauty Joanna HalpinStoned Immaculate Vintage - Joanna Halpin Stoned Immaculate Vintage - model Joanna Halpin Return To Woodstock - Joanna Halpin Bryan Rodner Carr shot Joanna Halpin Chloe Chippendale styled Joanna Halpin Stoned Immaculate Vintage "Return To Woodstock" - model Joanna HalpinJoanna Halpin - beautyStoned Immaculate Vintage
“Return To Woodstock”
photographer Bryan Rodner Carr
styling & direction Chloe Chippendale
beauty Debbie Gallagher
hair Veronica Nunez
model Joanna Halpin
wearing: Stoned Immaculate VintageGreta Garbage VintageHeyoka Leather & Alkemie JewelryGypsy Hunter & Filth Mart

THIS is absolute perfection!

Always love what Chloe Chippendale is styling but this… OMG! If I would have all these pieces in my closet I wouldn’t need any other piece anymore! Never again! So good!

Check out the full “Return to Woodstock” shoot here and shop Chloe’s Stoned Immaculate Vintage here.




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