“Bohemian Royale” August/September lookbook
photography Graham Dunn
model Anja Konstantinvoa
styling and concept Spell & Leah Hoffman
art direction Leah Hoffman & Kelley Ash
h&m Kali Kennedy
assistant Rhian Bosci
Wuuuhuuu, new Spell days are the best days!
Was so excited about this and like always I´m totally blown away by the latest Spell 
collection and lookbook. Not only did they again choose one of my fave models 
(blogged about Anja a while ago) they also shoot in the most amazing loft ever, 
home of gorgeous Nashville babe Leah Hoffman. (check out her insta if you haven´t)
It´s a bit like watching Anja playing dress up in this perfect home and with a perfect 
wardrobe. And with Leah´s adorable cat Dolly and the wolfs I feel almost at home 
when I look at this. ( just that my home isn´t that cool 😉 ) 
I know I said this before but I still can´t believe that it is possible that Spell Designs
collections and lookbooks are getting more and more beautiful. Even when 
I think it can´t get better, they somehow create more beauty every time. 
Oh wow I´m so love with all the new prints and colors (especially the bohemian 
royale in charcoal) I also really hope that fringe jacket is one of the new
Spell pieces, so gonna get it then, it´s awesome!
Yes and if you know me a little bit by now you exactly know what I´m doing next…;)