Graham Dunnby Graham Dunnshot by Graham Dunnphotographer Graham Dunn photography by Graham Dunn Garham Dunn photography Kiss Sky Blouse Bluejay - Spell Designs Kiss the Sky - Spell Designs Spell Designs by Graham Dunn Kiss the Sky Gown - Graham Dunn Kiss the Sky - Graham Dunn Spell & the Gypsy Collective - Graham Dunn Kiss the Sky - photography Graham Dunn Kiss the Sky Maxi Skirt - Bluejay Mimi Elashiry model Mimi Elashiry muse Mimi Elashiry beauty Mimi Elashiry Mimi Elashiry by Graham Dunn Graham Dunn shot Mimi Elashiry Kiss the Sky collection Spell Designs - Kiss the Sky model Mimi Elashiry by Graham Dunn Kiss the Sky lookbook - photographer Graham Dunn shooting by Graham Dunn editorial by Graham Dunn lookbook - Graham Dunn photography Styling Chloe Chippendale Chloe Chippendale styling Spell by Graham Dunn Spell Designs - Santorini Tunic Dress Graham Dunn - favorite photographer

Spell Designs
“Kiss the Sky” lookbook
photography Graham Dunn
muse Mimi Elashiry
h&m Luciana Rose
styling Isabella Pennefather
styling assistants Belinda Fairbanks & Chloe Chippendale
photography assistant David Lekach | Assistant Chance

Honestly, I have never been more excited about a collection/lookbook release! Sooo excited, ever since I saw a peek of the aaamazing Kiss the Sky gown months ago! And as amazing as this gown is the rest of the latest Spell Designs collection! Can I please have it all?!

Check out the full lookbook shot 7000 miles away from Byron Bay with photographer Graham Dunn, stylist Chloe Chippendale and muse Mimi Elashiry (what a dream team!!!) on Spell Blog and shop Kiss the Sky here!





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