Totally chrushing on model Chelsea Schuchman at the moment!
“I’m from Chicago, but I’ve been living in L.A. for five years. I kind of ran away 
from home, but I love it here. In L.A. there are more opportunities to get started. 
I’m a musician and model, but I’m starting to transition into acting. 
Style-wise, I love vintage pieces, kimonos, and letterman jackets. In terms of style 
rules, I would never be caught dead in a high-waisted mini skirt with big heels and 
a slutty top. I also hate things that are super uncomfortable, or make it so I can’t 
breathe or walk normally. Other than that, I don’t really have any rules.
Beauty, to me, is about being as healthy as you can on the inside because that will 
reflect on the outside. Even though I’m not a vitamin-crazy, juice-drinking person, I
 admire people who are. Personally, I just drink a lot of water and write in my journal,
 not because I want to read it again, but rather as a form of meditation.”

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