Janell Shirtcliffphotography by Janell Shirtcliff Janell Shirtcliff - photography photographer Janell Shirtcliffby Janell Shirtcliffphotographer and model Janell Shirtcliff Janell Shirtcliff shot Natascha Elisa & Yvonne Logan anell Shirtcliff shot Yvonne Logan Patrons of PeacePatrons of Peace -Natascha ElisaJanell Shirtcliff - model Natascha Elisa model and photographer Janell ShirtcliffYvonne Logan by Janell Shirtcliff make up by Amy StrozziPatrons of Peace lookbook Patrons of Peace - clothing styling Nicole Deutsch Shaffer Patrons of Peace by photographer Janell Shirtcliff Patrons of Peace - photographer Janell Shirtcliff Patrons of Peace - Yvonne Logan by Janell ShirtcliffPatrons of Peace
photography Janell Shirtcliff
models Natascha Elisa & Yvonne Logan
styling Nicole Deutsch Shaffer
mu Amy Strozzi
hair Whitney Thomas

“Born under the sunny skies of California, Patrons of Peace is a young contemporary line made for the free spirit. The west coast has always been a little left of center, and so is Patrons- designed especially for the modern girl who is independent, fun-loving, and unique. Housed in Los Angeles where urban landscapes seamlessly meet the beach, Patrons combines contemporary looks with free-flowing, effortless design. We pull from the eclectic style of our environment to make clothes that are fresh, fun and distinctly Californian. Patrons is for the individual, for the free thinker- for patrons of art, patrons of love, patrons of ideas, patrons of fashion…and Patrons of Peace.”

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