Tree of Life
“Eukalyptus” collection
photography Ming Nomchong
muses Laura BallingCamilla BohemeBillie Edwards
concept & styling Abigael Whittaker
hair & make up Phoebe Fever

“The most beguiling days of our lives are hazy and lazy, like out-takes from an old movie with soft light and the warmth of summer days lingering…the Eucalyptus collection is a love-note to the Australian bush. In dusky shades of tea, peach, rose and sepia the collection features vintage styling and finishes and is made from luxe fabrics of velvet, lace and satin.

Ideal for picnics with close friends in Australia’s beautiful natural settings or a romantic tryst, the Eucalyptus collection is also perfect for special occasions and weddings. Gowns in ivory make beauty manifest worn barefoot as you walk down dusky paths scattered with rose petals. With the simplest of adornments of flowers in your hair and anklets on your feet chiming with the beauty of Australia’s bush colours and the soft glow of the last days of Summer.”

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