Gabrielle Sullivanmodel Gabrielle Sullivanbeauty Gabrielle Sullivanmuse Gabrielle SullivanGabrielle Sullivan - model Brendan Foster shot model Gabrielle Sullivan photographer Brendan Foster - model Gabrielle Sullivan Gabrielle Sullivan by Brendan Foster Gabrielle Sullivan - clothing Turquoise Lane Gabrielle Sullivan for Turquoise Lane "Suburban Jungle" - Gabrielle Sullivan "Suburban Jungle" - Gabrielle Sullivan Gabrielle Sullivan in Suburban Jungle with Gabrielle Sullivan Spell Designs Crochet Throw Spell Designs Crochet blanket"Suburban Jungle" by Brendan Foster with Gabrielle Sullivan “Suburban Jungle”
photography Brendan Foster
model Gabrielle Sullivan
clothing Turquoise Lane





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  1. by Ken on November 23, 2016  2:54 pm Reply

    You are a beautiful model and these pictures are so wonderful. Wish I were there to shoot some myself. Thank you for sharing.

  2. by Susan Read on August 23, 2017  8:54 pm Reply

    Suburban Jungle pictures I love the dress! Model was very photogenic! Knowing I couldn't do the dress justice but I I still tried to buy it and it was out of stock! Do they ever get more in stock ! Are on e gone that's it!!

  3. by Susan Read on August 23, 2017  9:02 pm Reply

    Suburban jungle!
    Beautiful dress ! Can it be bought!

    • by Sabrina Zeltenhammer on August 24, 2017  10:12 am Reply

      The dress is by Spell Designs but it's from a collection from a few years back, so I don't think they still have it. But you can have a look here: xx

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