photography by Guy TalGuy Tal photography photographer Guy Talshot by Guy TalThe Good Badlands - Guy Taldesert by Guy Taldesert blooms - Guy Taldesert in bloom by Guy Talflowers by Guy Taldesert flowers photography by the amazing Guy Tal

 photography by Guy Tal

Found these pics on tumblr the other day through following one of my fave accounts Waiste Vintage and thought I really need to share this beauty with you! So in love with it!

…I’ve been called a nature photographer, a landscape photographer, an author, an artist. In my mind, none of them truly describes what I do. I know nature photographers; I know travel photographers and adventure photographers and landscape photographers; I know writers and authors. What they do is not what I do.

I don’t make things for a living. I live for a living. I am myself for a living. I seek beauty for a living. I think and contemplate for a living. I experience for a living. Seems so easy and obvious to me, and yet there is no term for it. In our society, it seems, you have to be defined by your job title. When meeting new people I can usually count on “what do you do?” being one of their first questions as they form their perception of me. To date I believe I never repeated the same answer, nor do I feel I have given one that was readily understood. I do what I once thought was impossible and, I suspect, in most people’s minds still is…

Check out Guy’s nature series The Good Badlands on his website. Or follow him on facebook.

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