Chasing Unicorns 
photographer Wade Edwards
model Camille Piazza
stylist Marisa Sidoti
hair & make up Nicholas Morley

So excited to introduce Chasing Unicorns, the new label of mother, vintage lover & designer Sarah Humphrey and her beautiful first collection to you today:

Chasing Unicorns is born from a life long love of vintage, global-roaming, and the desire to create beautiful, timeless, quality pieces that are made to last.
We personally feel that the world is perhaps moving a little too fast and we have had nostalgia for things that are handmade and full of past life. We love imperfect, artisan aesthetic as it has a genuineness that no perfectly uniform, machine made-thing can ever have. Also, we adore the idea of lasting fashion as opposed to ephemeral trends.
Our pieces are made ethically and slowly, using natural fabrics, and every piece has a hand finish. We are the antithesis of fast fashion and have made quality and old world craftsmanship the crux of our production.
These are clothes intended to be passed on from mother to daughter, from one sibling to the next and then on to your children’s children. Standing the test of time, just like the beautiful vintage they are inspired from.
We have combined a bit of the relaxed “anything-goes” style of our home in Byron bay, Australia with cuts and embellishments drawn from our favourite aspects of decades past and have complemented our own designs with true vintage pieces carefully selected for their wearability and collectability.
The result of our passions is a line of clothing that’s pure bohemian, rock and roll fun. May you and your children enjoy…..

Shop the gorgeous designs online here and follow Cashing Unicorns on instagram!