art by Kate Wolfgang Savage Check out more of Kate´s work on her tumblr or follow on instagram and facebook “Kate Wolfgang Savage is a contemporary conceptual naturalist. Her drawings and paintings combine images of the figure and landscape. She lives and paints Venice, California. Kate was home-schooled in rural New Hampshire as a child. […]


photography and mixed media by Dana Trippe San Diego based creative Dana Trippe is my new art crush! I´m so totally in love with her work and love to follow her journey. Check out more of Dana´s amazing work on tumblr and instagram or shop her prints on etsy. via dana trippe  


     Since I discovered Thani Mara´s illustarions and art through Free People a few days ago I can´t get it out of my head anymore. I´m so totally in love with her work. She is definitely a huge new art crush of mine. Go check out her tumblr  facebook instagram she´s aaaaamazing!    


It´s time to introduce an other amazing artist you to. The beautiful and talented Bec from Binx Designs. As soon as I found her account on Instagram I fell in love. So I wrote her to ask if she would answer a few question about her artwork, and she did. 🙂 So who are you […]


I was just thinking I haven´t had a new art crush for a while now, and then there it was… About two weeks ago I found Bird Black and her work on Instgram. As soon as I laid my eyes on these amazing illustrations I fell in love and of course I  wanted to find […]


I think it´s time to show you another great artist! This time the amazing Hannah Chloe, an UK based artist, which wonderful streetstyle inspired paintings I have to share with you. Using different materials such as brushes, ink, watered down acrylics, spray paint and cardboard Hannah creates some really cool, mixed media portraits. Her body […]


Here is another creative crush I have, Iain Macarthur such is a talented Illustrator and artist! He is from Swindon, England and has been obsessed with art, drawing odd fantasy drawings and Anime characters since he was 8 years old. I really love his work it is so surreal and unique in its own way! […]


I think it´s time to show you another one of my favorite creatives. Charmaine Olivia is a self taught artist that grew up in a small beach town in Southern California where she first started drawing with soy sauce on napkins. Meanwhile she resides in San Francisco where she spends her days and nights making […]

↢◈↣ SHEWOLF ↢◈↣

As I found the art of Chelsea Brown I was spellbounded, and also a little bit anxious. Couldn´t  take my eyes of these beautifully dazing pictures, and I thought I have to show you. Chelsea is born in 1988 in Manhattan, NY. My cohort, now wonder that she is amazing. 😉 Her inspiration comes from […]


  Bohemian Witchcraft as a way of embracing the spirit of the Bohemian attitude of freedom.  Just to be clear, it is the attitude of freedom, of living and practicing our Craft free of regard for  conventional rules and practices that defines Bohemian in the case of this Tradition.  It is not meant to represent […]