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Get ready to embrace bohemian vibes on the beach or at home with colorful Boho Winds sarongs…

Unique by design, mesmerizingly colorful, lightweight, durable, hydrophilic and quick-drying… You’ll want to take your sarong to every sunny beach you’re headed. And when you’re done adding color to your dream destination, come back home, throw your sarong on your couch or hang it on your wall. Stay with holiday vibes and start planning your next trip 😉

**One size fits all 150×150 cm

**Quality Turkish fabric, 100% natural viscose – silky touch

➳➳Check out our gallery to find out about ways to get creative with Boho Winds Sarong. You’ll be surprised to see how versatile it is…

Namaste ॐ♡

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Vedas are the oldest texts of Hindu mythology, explaining the origin and the meaning of the universe. Hindu temples are built according to ancient guidelines originating from Vedas as an architectural representation of the universal principle ‘Vastu-Purusha-Mandala’: the universal essence that binds everything and everyone… In the temple, this is symbolized with the form of square and circle. Above the Vastu-Purusha-Mandala rises an elegant tower called ‘Shikhara’. Meaning ‘mountain top’ in Sanskrit, Shikhara is a reminder of karma and oneness with the universe for the person standing beneath…

Universal Energy and Mandala 

Mandala pattern is the bearer of universal energy. It is a vessel that takes a person on a discovery of creativity, free will and a self-awareness. Just like the universe itself, Mandala originates from a point and spreads out in ripples, reminding anyone interacting with it the perfection of the universe and immense energy in it. Focus on the center of Mandala and meditate on your feelings and wishes. It will channel universal energy to your wishes and help you find a way to realize them.

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